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Owen James Hart (1965-1999) was a Canadian professional and amateur wrestler. He was the youngest son of Stu Hart; and the brother of Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Having captured multiple championships over his career and won the hearts of even more co-workers, Owen was arguably one of the WWF's most-talented grapplers... Read More?

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Published by Cassidy on August 13th, 2015 | News

Owen’s DVD is now being titled “Owen Hart- Hart of Gold” and the release dates listed are:
December 7th – UK & December 8th – USA. *The release date for Australia is not known at this time.

It was released today that the DVD would contain a documentary between 90-120 mins long. The listing for the DVD states “In-depth look at the life and career of Owen Hart and his everlasting legacy. As told by his brother Bret, his family, his colleagues and his fans. Plus matches!”
Please note at this time Martha Hart has stated she & Owen’s kids are not involved in the production of this DVD, after initially it was rumored she was in support of the title. However, we are very excited for this DVD release and are curious who will be interviewed!

The DVD is available for pre-order NOW on Amazon (Search Owen Hart, Hart of Gold)! More updates will be given as additional information becomes available. The following image has appeared on Amazon UK on the DVD’s pre-order page. It is not known if the image is a cover or a screen shot inside of the DVD.

Owen Hart Hart of Gold Image

Credit: wrestlingdvdnews.com

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