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Owen James Hart (1965-1999) was a Canadian professional and amateur wrestler. He was the youngest son of Stu Hart; and the brother of Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Having captured multiple championships over his career and won the hearts of even more co-workers, Owen was arguably one of the WWF's most-talented grapplers... Read More?

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Published by Cassidy on May 8th, 2015 | Articles

From One Heart to a Hart
~ By @theowenhartfan Cassidy Ash

When I think about Owen Hart, one song in particular tends to pop into my head….
“I Am. When you think that no-one needs you, Sees you or believes you, No one’s there to understand. I Am I’ll be there to be that someone. When you think that no one, is there to hold your hand. I Am.”
Because, there was a time when wrestling was the only thing I could count on. I’ve had a lot of struggles, a lot of heartbreak and some difficult losses. Some of that created anger and a lot of questions. But, one thing I’ve never lost and will never lose is my love for wrestling & Owen Hart.
Almost every positive change I’ve had can be tracked back to “re-finding Owen”. I grew up watching the stars of the 90’s, had a break in my viewership for a while and rediscovered it in 2005 at a time that wasn’t great in my life. Looking back it seems meant to be that I’d find Raw on TV on a particularly miserable evening, and on another miserable day “The Life and Death of Owen Hart” appeared on a used book store shelf right in front of me.
One book lead to much more searching online, dozens of matches and so much more. It didn’t take long for me to become instantly attached to him even though, he was no longer alive. It took me a while longer to realize that Owen was making me a better person for the simple reason that I wanted to be like him
And now I want to say thank you to Owen on this special day.

For Owen:
Thank you so much for showing me how to treat others, how to let go of anger and how to always be myself. You showed a big smile goes a long way and that being a loyal friend is more important than money.
Following my heart and always showing my love for you lead me to finding some very special people who have remained close to me since:
– My In Our Harts website co-webmiss Kris who is the Chandler to my Joey in life
– My first official interview Jason Sensation, one of the kindest people I have ever met, your trustworthy tone and heartfelt stories have touched me ever since. I’m so glad to call you a friend.
– All those I’ve met through my love of the Hart family on social media (there is way too many of you to name and you know who you are)
Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of talking to numerous family members of yours who taught me a lot and made me smile.

I’m proud to call myself a fan of someone who never wandered in his values, who did everything with passion and unique ability. I’ve never seen anyone else who is this fondly remembered by so many people, so many years after he left the earth. To me that makes your story not one of tragedy but one of victory. It doesn’t matter that you never won the biggest belt because your personality is more golden than any possession.
Your hysterical antics, laughter and uncanny ring ability have stopped numerous tears throughout the past few years, just as easily as you created huge grins. There’s no one else who can put a smile on my face that fast and watching you has been my hand to hold through sadness. I will never stop telling people how awesome you are. Yes ARE, not WERE because I know you are up there pulling pranks on god and scheming about hiding your brother’s stuff. We would hardly expect anything else.

My way of giving back the joy you have given me, is to share with others your greatness through the website, through conversations and by being the type of person you thought others should be. For not allowing loved ones to leave without a hug and standing up for what I believe in with a steady love.
It is so hard to list and put into words all the things you’ve done for me. I love you Owen, I’m proud to call you my hero for changing my life and making me a winner. And yes you did that all by your sweet little self.

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